Questions sur le stage

Below is a list of possible questions on your internship

Can you tell me a little bit about your background?

What studies did you do before undertaking your present studies?

What did you do after leaving school ?

Have you done any other studies apart from lab studies?

Why have you chosen the scientific field?

Why have you chosen this profession?

Why did you choose to do this type of studies?

Have you always been interested in science?

What made you choose this field?

Did you find your work placement easily in First Year?

You have already done a work placement in your first year, haven’t you ? How long did it last?

OU (I know you have already carried out a couple of work placements, so what activities did you do during those work placements?)

Did you have to make several applications before finding your work placement?

Did you manage (as-tu réussi à..)to find a work placement that suited you?

Where was the lab?

Did you have to travel far?

How did you get to work in the morning ?

Was there a good atmosphere? Were your colleagues nice?

Were the working conditions good?

How many people were working in the lab?

Was it difficult to find a tutor?

What did you have to do?

What activities did you do during your first work placement?

Did you have any difficulties?

Did you encounter any problems?

Did you manage to find a placement close to home?

How many hours work did you do every day?

And in your second year, you had to do another training period, hadn’t you?

Was it in the same lab?

And what about your second training period? Was it in the same lab?

Did you have the same difficulties finding it?

What kind of activities did you have to carry out?

Were there any things you really liked doing?

What skills and qualities must you have to be a lab technician?

What impression do you have after these 2 training periods?

Have these work placements changed your attitude: your vision of working life?

Do you really like this job?

Do you really like this job: being a lab technician?

Do you think you could go and work abroad?

Do you see yourself working abroad?

ex : Which part, French or English speaking Canada?

Do you think you could go and work in an English speaking country ?

What do you think of your English?

What are your plans for the future ?

Can you see yourself running/managing a lab one day? Why? Why not?

What do you hope to do after you graduate ?