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Hello. Please sit down !

Shall, I introduce myself ?

Yes, of course.

My name is Clémence CESBRON, I’m eighteen years old and I’m studying Lab testing at Jean Moulin High School. My subjects are physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry and ENGLISH !

Where did you spend your baccalaureate ? What area did you choose?

I studied science in high school at Beaupréau « Notre Dame de Bonnes Nouvelles ».

What speciality did you ? What are options ?

I chose physics and chemistry. I studied Italian which was proposed by my school. However, I also studied music as an option.

How did you feel during the test ?

I felt very bad and I panicked during the final exam. It was a very stressful time for me because I didn't do the first exam. I had to make up for the 75 points I lost to catch up but I managed.

What are your plans for the future ?

I want to be a lab technician in forensics.

How did you in the first year of your Higher National Certificate ?

I found it quite difficult because I didn't have the same knowledge as those who had studied STL (lab science) at high school.
And, the teachers didn’t make enough difference between those who were in STL and those in S.

How was your internship ?

Very good. I discovered a lot about the field of science. It was very rewarding, and all the employees got on very well together.

The original "uncorrected" text

Dialogue de stage


Hello. Pleasesit down !

Shall, I introducemyself ?

Yes, of course.

Mynameis Clémence CESBRON, I’meighteenyearsold and i’mstudyingat Jean Moulin High School in BTS Bioanalyses et contrôles. I studiedphysics, mathematics, bilogy, chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry..

Wheredidyouspendyour baccalauréat ? What section didyou ?

I spentmyundergraduate in science in highschoolat Beaupréau « Notre Dame de Bonnes Nouvelles ».

Whatspecialitydidyou ? What are options ?

I tookphysics and chemistryspeciality.Istudieditalianproposed by myschool.However, i do music option candidate.

How didyoufeelduring the test ?

I feltverybad and i lost all mymeansduring the final exam.Itwas a verysuccessful time for me because i didn’thavdmy first exam. I went to catch up 75 points to catch up.Buti’m fine output.

What are yours plans for the future ?

I want to be a labtechnician in forensic.

How didyoufind the first year of BTS ?

I founditquitedifficultbecauseyou end up withoutknowledge of someagainst the STL. And, teachersdon’tmakeenoughtdifferencebetween the STL and S.
How wasyourinternship ?

Very good. I have discovered a lot about the field of business. It wasveryrewarding, and itwas a very good agreement between all employees.